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Happy Holidays! In light of the VAT Free Holiday, on 20th of December 2021 our Natures Discount products are only available in retail stores. This is because our online orders are not delivered the same day and therefore are not eligible. We look forward to seeing you in stores! Happy VAT FREE Shopping!

Our mission is to be an umbrella organisation to bring everyone together to stand up against animal abuse in Barbados, and improve animal welfare through education, raising awareness, pet-friendly spaces, spay and neuter fundraising efforts and helping animals in dire circumstances.

Help us to save thousands of lives of puppies and kittens, who will end up in already overcrowded shelters, or suffer and die from lack of nutrition and care, from parasite borne diseases, from poisoning, deliberate drownings, and/or neglect.

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Christ Church, Barbados W.I.

+1 246 625-9500

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